In-game email
Email anyone in the game (as long as the player is not blocked). In the player tools, the email tab can be clicked to see the inbox. The inbox holds all incoming messages.

Any incoming message can be replied to, forwarded, or deleted by hitting the appropriate buttons within that message.

A new message can also be created by hitting the New button.

      Email tools - These are the buttons you will use to create new, reply to, forward, and delete emails.

      Inbox - New emails will appear in this area. Clicking on an item from this box will open the email and show the full message in the area to the right.

      Email Detail - Clicking on an email from the inbox will open the full email and display it in this area.

   New email window

      Send Button - Once you are done, click this button to send the final email.

      To and Subject Line - Emails can be addressed by hand by typing in the correct username of the player you wish to send the email to. The subject field is not required.

      Message - Type your message in this area.

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