What is NIM?
Nitto Instant Messenger (NIM) is an instant messenger system used to communicate with other players anywhere in the game. Know when your buddies are online and stay connected with them.

      Conversation List - Multiple conversations are all managed through one window. Each icon that appears is a different person. The color of the icon indicates the status of that conversation.

Current Conversation
Unread Message
Offline Player

      Name of Player - The name of the person you are currently talking to will appear in this area.

      Status - This will display where this player is within the game. It will also serve as a link to join that player if they are in a communal area of the game.

      Close Conversation - Click this button to close the conversation with the person your are currently chatting with and clear it from your conversation list.

      Avatar - This is the personal avatar of the person you are currently chatting with. The avatar will dim if this person signs out.

      Tool Bar - more quick links to interact with this person other ways such as:
Profile - While you’re chatting, you can view anyone’s profile. This tells you where that player lives, who he/she is buddies with, and their status in the game.
Email - Want to leave a message for someone who is not online? Just send an email, and the message will be left in the inbox of that person.
Garage - See how many parking spots a person has, what types of vehicles he/she owns, overviews of vehicles, what types of plates they have, and more.
Buddy Request - Made a new friend and want to keep in touch? Send this person a buddy request by clicking this icon.
Block User- If you’re sick of someone’s rants, use the Block User icon to block incoming messages from someone. Once someone is blocked, they will have to be unblocked to continue sending messages.

                        1.    A blocked user cannot send messages to the player who blocked.
                        2.    A blocked user cannot send emails to the player who blocked.
                        3.    A blocked user can not add the player who blocked him/her as a buddy.
                        4.    A blocked buddy remains a buddy, but will be blocked.

      Conversation Window - This is where your chat transcript appears.

      Input Box - This is where you type your message and hit enter to send.

   Buddy List
Keep track of your friends with your buddy list. Clicking the buddy list button on your NIM will flip it over to show your buddy list. This list lets you see who is online and who isn’t at a glance.

      Buddies and Requests tabs - All buddy requests, incoming and outgoing can be managed from the requests section.

      Online Buddies - Buddies that are online will appear at the top of the list in alphabetical order. Clicking on a buddy will flip the NIM over and open a chat with that buddy.

      Offline Buddies - These buddies are listed after the online buddies and appear dimmed.

      Trash - Clicking and dragging a buddy to the trash can will remove that person from your buddy list. You will also be removed from that person’s buddy list.

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