Know your role. Teams are all about structure and depend on the members that make it up. Teams with strong members in the right places will go far.

   Working together
There are many checks and balances built in to the teams. Leaders are the most powerful members of a team but even so are not immune to the collective say of the group. All of the different officers and members must learn to work together to form a strong team that can stand against others. Dysfunctional teams will only hurt themselves and their chances of winning when the time comes.

   The Leader
This is the Person responsible for the entire team. The leader can accept or decline membership applications. He or she can appoint or remove dealers as necessary and also has control over the team funds. The leader can make disbursements anyone on the team from the communal team funds, including him or herself. When it comes to being in a race track and betting, the team leader is always the ranking member and has the authority to bet as much of the team funds as necessary.

   The Owner
The owner is the only position that is not appointed by the leader. Anyone on the team has the opportunity to make him or herself the owner by contributing more than 50% or the team funds. If you can afford to do this you will earn yourself the rank of owner. Second only to the leader, the owner outranks all other dealers or members in at the track and is authorized to negotiate a bet with up to 75% of the team’s funds.

Dealers are appointed by the team leader and are the ranking team members when the leader and owner are not around. They are empowered by the leader to negotiate bets on behalf of the team with up to 50% of the teams money. This allows teams to run races even when the leader can not attend. Dealers will have seniority over each other based on their contribution level to the team.

Members make up the rest of the team. They have no power like the rest of the officers, but they can still handle a team race in the absence of any team officer. If there are enough members at a track and a challenge presents itself, the member with the largest team ownership will be empowered to negotiate a race. The difference between a member and a dealer doing this is that the member will only be able to negotiate an amount up to the combined ownership value of the members currently present at the track.

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