Finding a team
You can search and browse teams with the Viewer. If a racer is on a team, their team avatar will appear as part of their personal avatar cluster. Team avatars can also be seen at the race tracks. Clicking on a team avatar from anywhere in the game will launch that team’s profile in viewer. Reviewing a team’s profile in the Viewer will give you all the necessary info you’ll need to make your application decisions.

   Applying to a team
Clicking the join button will begin your team application process. This will prompt you to enter a brief message to the team leader. This is your opportunity to let him or her know why you should be a part of the team. You always have the option to leave it blank and let your reputation speak for itself.

   Application management
All of your applications can be monitored from the team HQ. You may have applications out to many different teams. All of your applications will appear here. From here you can choose to cancel pending applications, clear declined responses, and select to join a team from the list of accepted responses. Once you click to join a team this section will then become the team HQ of the team you joined.

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