Can't find a team that suits your needs? Maybe you don't see yourself racing for someone else. Creating your own team is an option. If you've proven yourself as an individual then you can start your own team and lead others to victory.

   A New Team

To start the process of creating your own team, go to your Home. Then select the “Profile” tab and you will have options to the left, select “Team Status”.

Teams Profile

To the right of this section you will find the option to create a team. All you need to do is give it a name. After that you can upload your avatar and set your application requirements.

   All alone?
Once you've created a new team you are the only member. It's up to you to get other racers to apply to your team. This is the only way to grow your team. Because you created the team, you are the leader and have the power to accept and decline member applications. It's important to select members carefuly. Strength will not necessarily come with numbers, it will come from the quality of it's members.


Accounts younger than 14 days and with Street Credit lower than 5000 may not create teams. You must also be a Member to create a team. Being a member in Nitto 1320 Legends gives many fun benefits, plus it removes all restrictions placed on Betting and Pink Slip Racing.

Become a member today!

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