Want to know who has the fastest four cylinder? Need to prove your city has the fastest racers? Or maybe you would like to see imports face off against domestics. Tournaments are here to make it all happen.

   Anytime tournaments
These are tournaments that are open around the clock. They are also unique in their payout structure. The anytime tournament pays prize money for every round you successfully pass in addition to a first place purse. All other tournaments only have prize money for first and second place.

   Scheduled events
Many different tournaments will be scheduled through out the year. Some tournaments will be weekly, some monthly, and some quarterly. The most important events will be held once a year, which leaves the winner plenty of time to gloat.

   The anatomy of a tournament
Step 1. Qualifying will open.
Once qualifying opens, eligible racers will be able to pay the entrance fee and join the tournament. The duration of the qualifying period may vary depending on the tournament so it is important to arrive promptly at the opening time.

Step 2. Make your qualifying pass.
Once in, you can make your qualifying run. Every racer will have only one chance to make their qualifying run. You have to be ready. There won’t be any second chances. Trying to leave and re-enter the tournament in an attempt to re-qualify won’t work. Don’t waste any time either. If you don’t cross the finish line of your qualifying run by the time the qualifying period ends your run will not be counted.

Step 3. Qualifying closes.
When the qualifying period ends the ranks will be adjusted one last time. At this point the top 30 qualifiers will be confirmed and the wild card selection will begin.
It is important to stay and wait until this process ends if you did not qualify. Two wild cards are selected from all of the participants that did not qualify and let in to the final tournament list.
Once the 32 competitors have been selected, the room will close for everyone else and the tournament will begin.

Step 4. First round matches.
All the first round matches are run at the same time. Your match will be announced to you on your screen and then you will proceed to your race. Once you finish your race you will be able to see the tournament bracket and watch as others finish their first round matches.

Step 5. Second round matches and on.
Once all the first round matches are finished the tournament will proceed one race at a time. Each race will be broadcast live to everyone in the tournament. Everyone will watch the matches as they are run. This will continue until the final match is run and there is a winner. The tournament is then over. The competitors can then remain in the room to discuss the event if they wish.

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