Most races aren't against just anyone. Opponents are carefully researched and sought out. When it comes time to face off against a specific racer, the rivals track is where you take it.

   Couples only
The rivals track is where you go to set up challenges with specific racers. When two racers agree on a challenge they will enter the race queue together. The pair will then line up to race together when it is their turn.

   Creating a challenge
You can begin to create a challenge by clicking on the challenge button in the race queue area of the race screen.
The first step is to select a racer from the room to race
You will then select your opponents car. The default car that appears will be the car your opponent prefers to use, but you have the option to browse their garage and select a different car for your challenge.
After selecting your opponent's car you will select your own car.
Once the cars are selected you will designate what type of race this is. You can select bracket racing if the race needs a handicap, or you can select to race heads up.
The last step is to set a wager. You can bet nothing all the way up to your pink slip if you wish. You must own a second car to race for pinks so that you are left with something to drive in the event you lose your car.
If everything looks good you can click ok and send this challenge to your designated opponent.

If you opponent accepts your challenge you will both be entered into the race queue. You can send out multiple challenges at once, but once a challenge is accepted all your other challenges will be canceled.

   Incoming challenges
This is where you will see all the challenges other people have sent you. Accepting an incoming challenge will place you and your challenger in the race queue. All other incoming challenges will remain in your incoming challenge area until you either respond to them or the challenger cancels the challenge.

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