Know the controls
Driving in 1320 Legends can be a little tricky. There is no steering. You don’t need it since you’re only going straight. It all revolves around your pedal work and shifting. Maintaining your traction during a launch will be the key to good ETs. Understanding all the controls will help you mater launching and running good times.

   The Pedals
The clutch pedal is located on the far left. This is a pedal you only have to set once before the race. It will determine how fast you want the clutch pedal released on your launch. A high setting will give you a quick and harsh clutch release. A low setting will provide a smoother but slower clutch release. Your best setting for low times and good traction will depend on your horsepower and driving style.
The brake is all on or all off. Press and hold the brake pedal to slow your car down and stop. Use the brake to stage accurately and to slow your car down in a bracket race if you’re going too fast.
This is an analog pedal. Dragging the slider inside the pedal will give you varying amounts of gas. This allows you to control your car with great accuracy. Dragging the slider half way will give you 50% throttle. Drag the slider all the way up to floor it.
Use the arrow keys to shift up and down through the gears. Press and release the up arrow to shift up one gear. Press and release the down arrow to shift down one gear. The car starts in neutral. Pressing the up arrow from neutral will shift the car into first gear. Pressing the down arrow from neutral will shift the car into reverse.

   Your gauges
Your gauges will appear on the left or right of your screen to correspond with the lane you are driving in. Pay close attention to these. Taking your eye away for too long could spell disaster.

    Tachometer - This will tell you what your engine RPM is.

    Digital Speedometer- This provides you with a digital display of your speed in mile per hour.

    Shift Light - This will illuminate when you reach your engine’s red line. This is your signal to shift or blow up your engine. Set your shift light to your desired RPM by clicking it.

    Nitrous Gauge - This gauges will let you know how much nitrous you have left in your tank.

    Boost Pressure - This gauges reads your boost pressure in PSI.

    Gear - This displays the gear you are in. It will show and "N" for neutral and an "R" for reverse.

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