Are you ready to own the track and race any challenger to keep it that way? You'll have to race any racer, any car, with any mods. Some may get to sit at the throne, only the best will stay there.

   Own the track
The fastest racer stays on the track. It's as simple as that. The king must race against any challenger to defend the title. It is a true test of skill, endurance, and tuning strategy. If you have what it takes to continue undefeated you will truly own the room as you will have the ultimate bragging right.

   Line up to race
You can have your shot at the title by clicking the "line up to race" button in the race queue area. Racers line up and race one at a time. If you win you will become the king and go on to race against the rest of the racers in line. If you lose, you get out of the way.

Because there is no time for the king to negotiate bets before every race, the betting is handled a little differently on the KOTH track.
The king has control over the betting. Upon becoming the king you will be required to set a bet limit. This bet limit is the maximum bet that you are will to accept from a challenger while you are king. This can be any amount you can afford. It can be set to 0 if you do not wish to accept bet. Once it is set it can not be changed until you lose and become king again.

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