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07/12/07: Content Update

Hey Nitto 1320 Legends Gamers,

The content update was unfortunately a little bit behind schedule. We wanted to double test all the features that will be going live.

We have also been busy working on tweaking connectivity issues and lag issues with the game. Please let us know how the performance is in the forums and please keep the bugs coming - we are listening and working very hard to address the high priority ones in a timely fashion.

There will be an update tomorrow, so hang tight. It will be worth the wait and I'll make a post when it is live with all the changes!

Thanks and enjoy the game.

07/11/07: New Moderators!

Welcome your newest moderators to the Nitto 1320 Legends game: 02 Battleground and Lone Wolf.

02 Battleground will be helping out all the Spanish speaking players within our community. If you are more fluent in Spanish and have an issue, please find 02 Battleground in the game.

One very common request that we are getting is what it takes to become a moderator or how to become one. Most importantly, never ask to become a moderator. We are currently hand picking moderators that are helpful and really wish to help improve the existing Nitto 1320 Legends community.

So with that being said, if you wish to become a moderator... don't ask to become one! Help out fellow racers and be a good role model and set a nice standard for the rest of the community. If you exemplify such characteristics, don't worry - we are keeping our eyes out.

07/11/07: Help Connecting: Firewall Settings

We are currently working on a FAQ to help connection settings, but for the meantime I will be updating the News section with some tips on how to get the game working if you are having issues.

Begin by going to your Windows Start button, going up to Settings and then clicking on the Control Panel.

Next, locate the Windows Firewall icon and double click it to open up the Windows Firewall settings.

Once you are into the Windows Firewall settings, you will see a window with three tabs. Click on the Exceptions tab.

After you have clicked on the Exceptions tab, this window will appear. Locate and click on the Add Program... button

This window will pop up where you can Add a Program to your Windows Firewall exceptions. Click on the Browse... button

Now a window browser will appear and please locate where you installed the Nitto 1320 Legends Beta game. In our example it was on our desktop. So we selected the NittoLegendsBeta executable that is on our desktop and click Open.

You will now see that th NittoLegendsBeta has been added to the Windows Firewall exceptions. Ensure that there is a check mark next to the game name and click OK.

If you are experiencing any other connection issues after trying this, please post on our forums so that we can continue updating the FAQ and posting solutions.

07/10/07: Connection Issues?

If you are currently experiencing connection issues or are getting disconnected from the game, please post up a thread over at

We are working hard on improving server stability as well as connectivity issues.

07/09/07: New Nitto 1320 Legends Daily Update!

Welcome to the newly daily updated Nitto 1320 Legends News section.

We will be working on updating daily with answers to constantly asked questions, news updates on the game and letting the community know what we are currently working on.

To stay really up to date and to add your suggestions to the Nitto 1320 Legends development team, please log in today to the community forums at:

We are looking forward to the addition of the Honda S2000 to the game as well as sticker packs!

06/01/07: JDM Integra (Type-R) and More Body Kits

JDM Integra

The JDM Integra Type-R is coming soon! You will be able to add a true Japanese gem to your garage. Initially, only members will be able to purchase the JDM Integra with points.

Also, body kits have been added to the Ford Mustang GT, Mitsubishi Evo, Acura RSX, and the Chevrolet Corvette. Give your car more attitude with stylish body kits. Like the JDM Integera, initially only members can purchase body kits with points.

04/10/07: Nitto 1320 Legends Support Site Launched

With the launch of the Nitto1320 Legends support site, game players will now be able to participate in 1320 Legends forums and purchase Memberships and Points. The Memberships now come in three options:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Memberships will provide users with special access to member-only tournaments, license plates, exclusive parts, parts discounts, and more!
You can also purchase Points. Points will allow you to buy products and cars within the game allowing you quickly to build your collection of vehicles.
The Legends store offers credit card, money order, and mobile phone SMS payment options.

03/28/07: Nitto 1320 Legends Beta Launched to the Public

The Nitto 1320 Legends Beta has gone public!

Now anyone can download the Beta and race against others online!

The latest Beta features new cars, new parts, an improved spectator review, and a host of other game improvements. While in Beta, there will be a steady stream of program enhancements and new features that will be added.

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