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07/31/07: In regards to the server stability and performance:

We are currently stress testing our servers and attempting to pinpoint several key elements that causes a user to get disconnected for no reason. Please pardon the server stability and performance for the next few days as we put our servers to the test. We are fully aware that the server is resetting on its own every so often and we apologize for any inconvenience this might be causing to your game play. It is very important that we do this stress test however so we are aware of the limits to our server as well as resolving many of the connection and server stability issues that many of our users have addressed to us.

Server stability and performance is one of our priorities right now along with additional content. Expect many more new parts for all the vehicles with the next update and a much better server stability and performance atmosphere over the course of the next couple of weeks!

Thank you very much for all your patience and we do hope you all enjoy your Nitto 1320 Legends experience!

07/31/07: The Racer Spotlight - Nitto 1320 Legends Fan Websites!

The Racer Spotlight is looking to feature a Nitto 1320 Legends Fan Site. Please read the following:


So there you have it, save that banner and put it up on your website with a link to and then submit your website to IchibanDB8 and one lucky website will be featured!

Good luck!

07/31/07: The Racer Spotlight - AznSnoopy1289 and his S2000!

S2000 Wonder

One of the best parts of being part of the Nitto 1320 Legends community is the diversity of its user base and its racers. Anytime you enter a room there’s no way to predict who will be racing and who you could potentially be lining up next. The Racer Spotlight is here to showcase some of those top racers, shining the spotlight on not only themselves, but the race cars they’ve produced to win those big money races!

With the launch of the brand new Honda S2000 to Nitto 1320 Legends, we knew it was a perfect fit to not only showcase one of the fastest S2000’s in the game, but one that was great looking and had an awesome driver behind the wheel. Aznsnoopy1289 proved time and time again that he could battle with the best of them in bracket racing, nailing r.t’s and getting as close to his dial in time as we could witness.

Aznsnoopy1289’s S2000 received a complete overhaul inside and out. He started out by swapping the block for a Skoei Type-4 Block which stroked the motor an additional 0.2L. He tossed in a set of Skoei Type-7 Connecting Rods and beefed up the bottom end even some more with a Suprec XV4 crankshaft. Dropping the compression to an optimal level as he got ready to install his J-Tech PRO-T8 35psi turbo, Aznsnoop1289 also had a set of Enjin low compression pistons installed.

In the head of his S2000 motor setup is Enjin’s high rpm spring set and Enjin’s GSV valves. Along with the J-Tech PRO-T8 turbo, Aznsnoopy1289 rounded off his forced induction mods with Blowfish’s goods: F series blow off valve, H40 super intercooler and R 11 piping. The exhaust has been handled with a Takayami TEM62 manifold leading out a Takayami 75mm open race pipe, N’s Racing N1 Racing Piping Kit and Racing Muffler, all in the 80mm variety.

Aznsnoopy1289’s S2000 not only goes fast but looks amazing while representing on Nitto 1320 Legends. The exterior has been enhanced with a Diablito Natsu C front bumper while a Downside Racing carbon fiber hood replaces the stock heavier unit. Pole Position hood pins makes sure its nice and secure. Diablito Natsu side skirts flow to the Natsu rear bumper while DCR Performance’s quarter panel scoops really gives Aznsnoopy1289’s S2000 an aggressive look. In the rear is a X Motorsports X-Force wing, a spoiler that all too many of Aznsnoopy1289’s competitors have seen!

Best of all, Aznsnoopy1289 has customized his S2000 to stand out from the crowd by installing a graphics pack. The back panel along with the hood has been equipped with a Ride Grafix Swoosh. The side of the car is represented with Ride Grafix Horizon.

Completing the exterior of Aznsnoopy1289’s car is a set of 20-inch BBS LM wheels from the WheelEnvizio CPR Dealer, wrapped with none other than Nitto’s 1320 drag slicks.

We had the chance to catch up with Aznsnoopy1289 to ask him some questions!

IchibanDB8: Hey Aznsnoopy1289, congratulations on being our first feature on The Racer Spotlight. What’s your first and last name?

Aznsnoopy1289: My full name is Michael Canlas.

IchibanDB8: How long have you been playing Nitto 1320 Legends?

Aznsnoopy1289: I have been playing Nitto Legends for approximately four months now.

IchibanDB8: What do you like about Nitto 1320 Legends?

Aznsnoopy1289: What I like about Nitto Legends is the gaming experience it gives me, unlike any other online racing games; It provides me the speed, intensity, and thrill that I look for in a racing game. I love competion, and this is one of the ways to show that I am very competitive. Having to make your own setup, and ratios, graphics, choosing your own wheels, makes the game more fun and realistic. This game doesn’t just hand you stuff, you actually have to work for it – that’s what makes it realistic, and the most important part of this game is the community; making new friends, live chat, and buddy list.

IchibanDB8: Why have you chosen to become a member of Nitto 1320 Legends?

Aznsnoopy1289: Why did I choose to become a member of Nitto Legends? That’s easy! I support this game 100% and this is only one of the ways to show that I care about this game is by being a member of the community.

IchibanDB8: What do you hope to see in Nitto 1320 Legends in the future?

Aznsnoopy1289: What I hope to see in Nitto Legends in the near future are better connections, new cool cars, everybody loves new cars, and new features that are presented in the forums, some of the ideas that are posted are pretty interesting, and I hope they are put into consideration.

IchibanDB8: What do you like so much about the S2000?

Aznsnoopy1289: What I like about the S2000, well my ethnicity is Filipino, which is Asian lol! All there is to say, I love imports and the S2000 is just one of the Japanese cars I would have put in, if I made this game. It’s small, lightweight, looks cool, what else can you ask for?!

IchibanDB8: Anyone you’d like to thank out there in the Nitto 1320 Legends community?

Aznsnoopy1289: I’d like to thank the creators of this game, by making it happen; special thanks to my close friends, streetracer, denali man, no2burner, james, 02battleground and people that helped me be a better racer...without them I probably would not have been featured! And let’s not forgot Ichiban!

Discuss this feature in our forums today!

07/30/07: SHOW OFF YOUR S2000!

Your neighborhood friendly administrator, IchibanDB8, will be sitting in the room: SHOWOFF YOUR S2000 today for users to show off their S2000.

This will not be a good place or time to ask him to add you on his NIM or to address any other issues. Replies will only be relevant to S2000 related questions!

Good luck all! One lucky racer will be chosen to be featured on the website tomorrow!

07/25/07: NEW MODERATORS AS OF 07/25/2007!

Moderator Appointment
Nitto 1320 Legends Release for 07/25/2007

To the Nitto 1320 Legends community:

After careful consideration and looking through dozens and dozens of moderator applications, we have finally narrowed down our pickings and have decided to moderate the following to the community. Some of these names you might already be familiar with in blue text, others are new additions:

sp racer, SER SPECV, sqwrly, Tig, Worstdriver, panther, LadyBoss, E39M5, WeekendWarrior, Derek14, supra1, gsxdrifter1, 02 Battleground, Lone Wolf, Ventovr697 and Hood15.

We would like to congratulate them; and for the rest of you in the community, please respect your new moderators.

For those that are wondering why you were not chosen, here are a few reasons:

- 80% of the applications we received weren’t even attachments. We clearly specified to use attachments to your email message.
- Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. We took all this into account!
- Following directions was very important for your resume and cover letter to pass the initial stage in the process. We just can’t trust you as a moderator if you cannot follow our instructions for the application process.

Again, congratulations to our new moderators.

07/24/07: Nitto 1320 Legends - Release Notes for 07/24/2007 - S2000 LIVE!

Nitto 1320 Legends
Release Notes for 07/24/2007

- The Honda S2000 is now available for points only in Creekside.
- Be the first in the game to build and test all the new parts available for the S2000.
- The fastest Honda S2000 on August 1st, 2007 will be featured on Nitto 1320 Legends! The user will be interviewed and will receive the full spotlight treatment on Nitto 1320 Legend’s homepage.
- The Honda JDM Integra Type-R is now available for Nitto virtual money. We want to thank everyone for providing us with valuable feedback to make the Integra Type-R such a great vehicle in Nitto 1320 Legends!
- Four new wheels have been added! Set your ride apart from the crowd today.
- New wheels are available in the CPR stores in Creekside and Vista Heights.

07/20/07: SPOCOM Event - Long Beach, CA - August 5th 2007

All you Nitto 1320 Legends players and fans out there, make sure you check out the SPOCOM Event taking place in Long Beach, CA on August 5th 2007. Get up close and personal with Southern California's top rides as well as direct access to the industry's top manufacturers. Hundreds of cars will be on display as well as a fashion show and thousands of giveaway prizes. This is your definite one stop for any car enthusiast, especially if you're a passionate Nitto 1320 Legends player.

For more information about this event please visit

Pre purchase tickets today here.

See you there!

07/19/07: Web Banner Design Contest & Fan Site Contest!

Alright all you graphic artists and creative Nitto 1320 Legends Racers out there. We've got a treat for you!

We are going to be holding a web banner design contest. Design and submit Nitto 1320 Legends related web banners to [email protected] for your chance free points! The value of points will be determined based on how many submissions we get. The more we get, the higher the value of the prize will be!

We are looking for banner designs in the following sizes:

468x60 | 120x600 | 234x60 | 160x600 | 120x240 | 250x250

Those sizes are listed in pixel. Submit yours today and have a chance at free points!

For those that have Nitto 1320 Legends fan sites, reference sites, team sites, etc. Submit them today to [email protected] to have a chance to be showcased on our front page! We are working on building a database of all the Nitto 1320 Legends related websites out there, so start submitting yours today!

07/17/07: In regards to the reset:

News Release on Reset:

We here at Nitto 1320 Legends want to preserve the community and want to make sure that the game play environment is fair to everyone, not just now, but in the future as well.

As we continue to expand the game designing many new features to make Nitto 1320 Legends one of a kind, we have begun to take action against the exploiting of bugs and glitches as well as hacks in the game.

While we are still in a beta phase and are aware that bugs and glitches do arise, the exploiting of them will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

Through careful investigation and in taking a stance on our policy on cheating, we were forced to reset fewer than 10 people and no real money was destroyed in the process. An excess of 5 billion of Nitto money was however removed from the game.

In the history of many other online games, cheating has ruined many different gaming communities. Many users have quit previous games as a result of cheating. We are aware that there will always be cheating, but we desire to take a firm stance on it starting now before it gets out of control and ruins the game for everybody.

We are actively working to assure that the Nitto 1320 Legends community stays intact and the game remains fun for all present and future users.

We would like to remind all users that Nitto 1320 Legends does not support the buying, selling or trading of products inside the game for compensation outside of the game. We also do not offer any support if you are to sell goods from another game to finance your Nitto 1320 Legends account. We will be taking a very hard stance on eBay auctions and the sort. Do not buy “activation codes” from other members in the game. Do your best to protect yourself from scams. If you are unsure of something, look for a moderator or administrator in the game and kindly ask them for assistance.

Please review over the Terms of Service prior to playing the game. These should never be skipped!

Thank you and continue enjoying the Nitto 1320 Legends experience!

07/13/07: Nitto 1320 Legends Version - 7/13/2007

Nitto 1320 Legends Update – 07/13/2007

GRAPHICS ARE LIVE! Step up your vehicle customization to a whole new level with the new Nitto 1320 Legends graphic packs. They are currently available for every vehicle at the Parts Shop in every town. Stand out from the crowd and represent!

- Graphic packs are now live
- Log into the game today and head on over to your local store to purchase graphics for your vehicle
- They are currently points only for an initial period of time while we gather feedback from the community
- Available in the Parts Shop under “Graphics” in every town
- Most are available to everyone, a couple are members only

We have also updated the profanity filter list to be friendlier to the rest of the community. Currently the profanity filter is always on, but will be able to toggle on/off in the future. We will be adding a “settings” section to the game that will allow users to change various settings on the Nitto 1320 Legends program.

Status colors now show up in NIM. If you are speaking to a member, moderator or administrator the color will show up accordingly.

We have addressed the bug issue of the game crashing when copy/pasting smileys. Please report any other issues with this to our forums.

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