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08/28/07: The Racer Spotlight: V2 Legends Website Featured!

The Racer Spotlight Feature:

V2 Legends is a collaboration project between Full Throttle and albanian2envy. The Racer Spotlight was very impressed with now V2 Legends looks and functions! The layout is fantastic and we love the ease of being able to select from different vehicles for setups, as well as all the information on the site to help get any new Nitto 1320 Legends racer going. We are very excited to see what else Full Throttle and albanian2envy has in store for their website, especially once the forums are launched and the screenshot gallery. Even though a few things were still under construction, we loved the way everything was laid out and realize how great the potential of that website will be as a resource for all Nitto 1320 Legends members. We had a chance to catch up to both Full Throttle and albanian2envy to pick their brains about their site and what they think about Nitto 1320 Legends:

The Racer Spotlight: What do you guys like most about Nitto 1320 Legends?

albanian2envy: What I like most is the realistic features Nitto Legends offers to everybody such the tuning styles and car graphics. I also love the live racing feature because it adds more excitement to the game by watching others race.

Full Throttle: Well I really like the community; I have met a lot of new and great people from the community. I also enjoy racing a lot.

The Racer Spotlight: What made you guys want to make a Nitto 1320 Legends fan website?

albanian2envy: Well me and Justin (Full Throttle) wanted to make a Nitto Legends resource website for people to be able to come to for help and support and then came up with V2 Legends!

Full Throttle: Well I had been practicing HTML and PHP a lot and I got into GFX, I have known Memet (Albanian2envy) for a wile and I liked his work, so we teamed up!

The Racer Spotlight: What do you guys look forward to most when you log onto Nitto 1320 Legends?

albanian2envy: What I look forward to when I log into Nitto is racing against others and meeting new people from around the world.

Full Throttle: The community once again, it’s the best of the best! And of course the racing.

The Racer Spotlight: What are your favorite cars in the game?

albanian2envy: My favorite cars in the game are the Evo and the S2000 because they are my two favorite cars to have and they are great overall cars.

Full Throttle: Well I like the mustang for Bracket, and the Evo for h2h. But the best looking car is the JDM.

The Racer Spotlight: What would you like to see in Nitto 1320 Legends as upcoming features?

albanian2envy: What I would like to see as upcoming features are the team racing, and the journalist feature.

Full Throttle: A 240sx put in the game, it is my favorite car and I would love to see it enter. Also, the journalist feature!

The Racer Spotlight: Which do you guys prefer, bracket or h2h?

albanian2envy: I actually prefer H2H racing. I like it because it shows who has the fastest car between you and other racers.

Full Throttle: Bracket for sure, I find it easier. :)

The Racer Spotlight: What cars would you guys love to see added to the Nitto 1320 Legends roster?

albanian2envy: I would love to see a Honda Civic Hatchback and a Nissan Skyline R-34 added to the Nitto Legends roster.

Full Throttle: 240sx, AE86, My 2 favorites.

The Racer Spotlight: Is this the first fan website you guys have ever developed for a game?

albanian2envy: No, this is not our first fan website we have developed for a game. We have made plenty of websites before so I guess you can say we have experience with making websites.

Full Throttle: Nope, I have developed many websites over the years and a lot of them were quite successful.

The Racer Spotlight: Who would you like to thank on Nitto 1320 Legends?

albanian2envy: I would like to thank Full Throttle for helping with the website, the whole Nitto 1320 Legends community for making the game so fun, and the staff for developing such a great and fun game!

Full Throttle: Albanian2envy for helping me with this site, Fantastic for being such a cool guy and choice helping me when I needed it and the whole Nitto Legends Staff.

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08/27/07: Nitto Contests - Weekend #1!

Hey all,

Everyone was wondering who won the first batch of Nitto Contests and what the prizes were. Since this was just an initial test of everything, the first place prize for each contest was $1000 Nitto money, second place was $500 and third place was $250. Random consolation prizes were added throughout the contests and those were awarded with $250.

During our first session, the following people competed: DVSRT4, Fantastic, Nittorac3r, SER SPECV, Tempted, Raptor700, 1FASTRT, FR8Train0805, Ladyboss, xracer, xtremetr, bevins38

The first contest was best reaction time and bevins38 won with a .504.

The second contest was to have everyone switch to their fastest car and the fastest car overall won. Worstdriver, 02 battleground, 92alex2, el racing21 and speedy loc joined in on the fun.

02 battleground won that challenge with his Vette, running a 7.688!

We then had a bracket EVO contest and hksracer3, venomgt, grand4m and integra ownage joined in as well. The winner was the one that got closest to their dial in time.

grand4m won the challenge with a 8.744 and a dial in of 8.708.

The second set of contests had Ladyboss, streetracer, osprems, ser specv, lanceres218, 1fastteggy, grilledjessy, 320 km, derek14, jonc101, speedy loc, tempted, tig, bigbowler, division4, streetrider, tom tom 07, keys finest, hoffman racing and twisted playboy competing.

We once again held a fastest reaction time competition and osprems won with a .507!

The next contest we told each competitor to get into a car of their choice that they think they would have the fastest one of. This contest had a little strategy to it, since users had to guess what the other users would bring back into the room as well.

Bryan702 won with his vette, running a 7.733

Derek14 won with his EVO running a 8.060

Keys Finest had the fastest teg, running a 8.854

1FastTeggy was the only RSX, running a 8.963

Hoffman Racing showed up with the only Ford GT, going 8.916

SER SPECV had the only S2K, running a 11.305

Our last contest was another bracket contest, but with any car. Closest to dial in time won.

Bryan 702 ran a 8.126 with a dial in of 8.124!

Contest #3 consisted of american eagle, derek14, ap3cs, teknikl, hypnotized, jdmk20hatch, 320 km, allgood, abner, blowdank, darkedge88, erik, ijustrockedu, ser specv, secret, slow240, grilledjessy, windows vista, hood15 and topsecretgtr.

We kicked it off with best reaction time and darkedge88 lead the pack with a .504.

Round 2 was once again quickest car of each class with Hypnotized bringing the only RSX and running a 10.219. jdmk20hatch had the only G35 and ran a 18.389. SER SPECV represented with the only S2000 going 10.321. Derek14 took the EVO title with a 8.117 after a face off with Erik. Derek14 even dropped a perfect .500 r/t in the face off! It was great excitement. 320 km took the Vette title with 7.734 and allgood won with his teg going 8.573.

Round 3 kicked off bracket style and e39m5 lead the pack on the first run, dialing in at 15.809 and running 15.800. No one else could manage to beat that .009 margin!

Our last contest on Sunday had american eagle, derek14, ser specv, turbohatch96, lanceres218, hypnotized, mugen motors, shortstuff15, jdmk20htach, hoffman racing, lao, darkedge88, floridaracing, ladyboss, lil flame, slow240, ajracing and cjp.

Best reaction time honors went to Hoffman Racing this time with a .506.

We then did fastest car overall, with lanceres218 taking first place with a 7.712, Lao taking second place with a 7.719 and Hoffman Racing taking third with a 7.784. American Eagle got a consolation prize for being the slowest! 15.196, congrats AE!

We then did Fastest EVO with Erik coming in first with a 8.090. Second place went to LadyBoss going 8.111. Third place was Turbohatch96, going 8.131. Darkedge88 got a consolation prize for hitting a .504 reaction time in competition.

We then brought out all the Tegs to present, with CJP hitting first with a 11.066. Second place was Hoffman Racing with a 11.392 and third place went to American Eagle with a 12.909. Hypnotized got best reaction time honors with a .524.

Our last round for the day was bracket style again. Mugen Motors and Shortstuff15 represented their team by going first in a pair. Mugen Motors went 12.694 to a 12.680 dial in and shortstuff15 went 12.738 with a 12.725 dial in. Shortstuff won by .001 for this competition over his own teammate and the rest of the pairs just couldn't come close. Ladyboss got a consolation prize for breaking out by a mere .001! OUCH!

Congratulations to everyone that attended and competed, we hope to see you next weekend!

08/27/07: The Racer Spotlight: Website Submissions!

Make sure you get your website submissions to me by the end of today for consideration on tomorrow's Racer Spotlight!

08/26/07: Nitto Contests Rules:

Please read these rules if you with to participate on the Nitto Contests.

08/23/07: Connection issues: installation process!

Hey all,

Wanted to give some info to those experiencing the gray screen upon logging in, and then timing out. After downloading the .exe file from our website, it will extra a NittoLegendsBeta.exe file and a folder named cache. Please make sure that both the NittoLegendsBeta.exe and the cache folder is in the same location. If you move the NittoLegendsBeta.exe file to somewhere else without the cache folder then you will experience a time out when logging in.

We will be applying a fix to this and it should help resolve some issues. Please keep the connection issues coming on the forums, we are looking into them and trying our best to fix them in a timely fashion. Thanks for your patience and continued support for Nitto 1320 Legends.

08/22/07: WHAT'S THIS?!

08/22/07: The next Racer Spotlight: Fan Website Feature!

Hey all!

We will be doing another fan website feature, so get crackin' on your websites! You guys have until next Monday to polish up, update and submit your website to me. The following rules are added to this new feature:

Please sure that the following banner is somewhere on the main page of your website, along with a link to

In addition to the banner and the link, we would like if you could also include a short description and a text link about Nitto 1320 Legends.

Nitto 1320 Legends is a free live online drag racing game! Compete with others around the world in head to head drag racing action. Purchase vehicles from the Ford Mustang GT to the Honda S2000 and outfit it with hundreds of parts from intakes to turbo kits to body kits and graphics. Fully customize your vehicle to stand out from the crowd. Get set to represent...check out Nitto 1320 Legends today!

Please make sure you link the Nitto 1320 Legends text to All website submissions MUST include these requirements otherwise you will be automatically disqualified!

Good luck all and represent Nitto 1320 Legends on the web!

08/21/07: The Racer Spotlight: Willy Wonka's Ford Mustang GT!

Pony UP!

One of the best parts of playing Nitto 1320 Legends is having the diversity of different vehicles to choose from. Having both domestics and imports, Nitto 1320 Legends offers a little bit of everything for every racer out there to own, customize and race. Since we featured a S2000 last time, we decided to do a quick 180 and check out the Nitto 1320 Legends’ community’s Mustangs. After going through hundreds of different Mustangs racing everyday online, we settled on one. Willy Wonka’s Mustang is not only blazing fast, but he’s a super consistent racer and it’s no doubt that his Mustang grabs the attention of every Nitto 1320 Legends racer out there.

To start, Willy Wonka wanted to do a naturally aspirated setup with his 2007 Mustang GT. After a little bit however, he got some funds in the bank and decided to go the route of forced induction for some real power. A custom turbo setup went into his car along with a 2.5” FastFlow cold air intake and TRM Racing Spec Piping that leads out to a 4.25” TRM SP2 exhaust muffler. To handle the boost aspect of the vehicle, Wonka opted for the Blowfish VX Series 35psi turbo along with a DaBest Signature Series XL5 intercooler to chill the charged air. Building the motor to a lower compression with Stealth Low compression pistons, Wonky further reinforced the bottom end with Dilat TV8 performance rods. Now that the motor was extremely reliable and Wonky was happy with the performance, he threw in a 200 shot of nitrous to really hammer down on the competition. With e.t.’s well into the 8 seconds, it’s without a doubt that Wonka’s Mustang GT strikes fear to everyone that’s daring enough to line up against him.

The GT currently races on stock suspension, but looks great on 20” HRE 547R wheels from the WheelEnvizio CPR Dealer, fully equipped with Nitto’s Drag Slicks for maximum performance. Along with the massive HRE wheels, Wonka decked his Mustang GT out with several body pieces to make it stand out from the rest of the Nitto 1320 Legends crowd. Aerosthetic Louvered C-Pillar Scoops, B-Rad Customs fender flares and a Gerini front bumper is accented by a Darkness chrome grill and Dynasty Cowl induction hood up front. The side of the vehicle has been brought lower to the ground with RL Design side skirts and the rear of the vehicle has a menacing stance thanks to a Darkness Optional carbon fiber wing. The entire vehicle was then rewrapped with Tripp Visons Wallflower graphic setup.

We had a chance to catch up with Willy Wonka and ask him a few questions on Nitto 1320 Legends:

The Racer Spotlight: What makes you play Nitto 1320 Legends?
Willy Wonka: I play Nitto 1320 Legends because for an all out drag racing simulator this is the best out there. Not even gaming consoles can compete with how fun and addictive this game is.

The Racer Spotlight: What do you like most about Nitto 1320 Legends?
Willy Wonka: There are so many things I love about Nitto. After coming from V1 I had no idea how much Nitto could improve, until I downloaded V2. I love how the rooms are setup just like a drag strip with one race after another but the fact that thousands of people are on every day that you can race live is probably my favorite part.

The Racer Spotlight: What do you look forward to each time you log into Nitto 1320 Legends?
Willy Wonka: Each time I log on I look forward to that little message box stating a new update has been released. That is so exciting!

The Racer Spotlight: What features can you just not wait for in Nitto 1320 Legends?
Willy Wonka: Like everyone else I look forward to new cars and rims to be released and I really can't wait to check out the new features you guys come up with. I also really like the addition of badges. It is exciting discovering new badges when you meet the requirements to get it. I also would like to see new sound effects to distinguish between a muscle car and import.

The Racer Spotlight: What do you like most about the Mustang? The least?
Willy Wonka: I love the Mustang for its sleek looks and good power, but like they say you can never have too much power. I look forward to new parts coming out for the Stang so I can reach 1000 hp with it and compete with my Vette.

The Racer Spotlight: What would be your dream car in Nitto 1320 Legends?

Willy Wonka: If I had to pick a dream car for Nitto 1320 Legends I would have to say it would be a rare exotic such as a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. I really miss the Viper from v1 though and I would settle for one of those with no complaints whatsoever.

The Racer Spotlight: Who would you like to thank?
Willy Wonka: I would like to thank all the administrators and moderators because without them this game wouldn't exist. I also thank all my friends on the game, especially cmher18. He is a very trustworthy guy and we are constantly helping each other out on the game.

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08/14/07: Nitto 1320 Legends Version

Nitto 1320 Legends Version

Release Notes

- The Honda S2000 is now available to non-members! The vehicle is currently available for points only. Enjoy! Hang tight for a new vehicle to be released shortly to Nitto 1320 Legends.

- Fixed another variation of the launch bug. You might notice different E.T.’s with your vehicle.

- The fastest cars leader board has been reset due to the elimination of the launch bug.

- You should notice drastic improvement to room lag. Lag should not gradually get worse the longer you are in the room.

- We have implemented several fixes to the login process. If you were unable to login previously, please try now.

- Too many cars! Bug has been fixed. You should be able to log in now if you have over 10 vehicles.

As always, please continue to submit bug reports to us so that we can work on fixing them.

08/14/07: The Racer Spotlight is calling ALL MUSTANGS!

The Racer Spotlight will be featuring Nitto 1320 Legends' Hottest Mustang on August 21st, 2007. Saddle up your cars and start customizing. We'll be choosing from all aspects, looks, performance, personality, originality, etc.

It won't be just the fastest car out there, not the best looking car out there, but a great package that really shows what the users can do with their cars!

So come on into the room: MUSTANGS REPRESENT with the password: racerspotlight

Come in and sport your Mustang only... if you show up with any other car and ask any other non-Mustang related questions you will automatically be disqualified!

Good luck all!

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