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09/13/07: Do not try to buy or sell points or memberships!

Consider this a fair warning to everyone that is trying to buy or sell points and/or memberships on Nitto 1320 Legends. 99% of the time someone that is trying to sell points is just scamming you. BE AWARE! If any of our moderators or administrators are in a room (invisible or not) and we see someone offering to buy or sell points you will be immediately banned. This is your warning.

09/12/07: The next Racer Spotlight...

Everyone asked for it, we will be spotlighting a Viper!

Keep your eye out for me or SER SPECV putting up Viper Spotlight rooms. Get set to represent!

09/12/07: Engine Damage Explanation!

Hey all,

Most of you are aware of this, but for those that are new to the game I wanted to make sure you guys are aware of the engine damage aspect. The parts on your engine can either become worn or broken. No performance is actually affected when your engine parts are worn, but performance is affected when your engine parts are broken.

Also be aware that you do not have to repair everything at once. The default is that everything is checked, but if you only want to repair what is broken you can un-check everything that is worn. This can save you money until you can win some more to fix the rest.

As with everything else in Nitto 1320 Legends, test with a variety of parts. Just because they are the most expensive ones do not mean that they are the best ones. Also be aware that if you are building your car to be the fastest one out there, just like in real life, expect damage to occur frequently. It's the price you pay to be one of the fastest ones out there!

09/11/07: The Racer Spotlight: Team PinoyProud2B Featured!

After a week of extensive team contests held by SER SPECV, our first Racer Spotlight journalist, The Racer Spotlight is proud to feature the team: PinoyProud2B. SER SPECV ran several contests and it was judged based on team participation, team attitude, sportsmanship and consistency when racing. PinoyProud2B represented to the fullest each time and scored several wins in the dozen contests that were held. It was very tough to decide on one team t his time as all the teams represented well for each contest.

SER SPECV had a chance to catch up with several members of the team PinoyProud2B and asked them if they preferred H2H racing or Bracket racing and what their favorite car is!

The members that SER SPECV was able to catch up with were Barakuda, MuyMuy, Thk909, Cjboboy, Puppin and Abno. With the exception of Puppin and MuyMuy, the majority of PinoyProud2B’s members preferred to race H2H with a variety of cars that they put as their favorite. Since Nitto 1320 Legends features such a variety of cars to race with, it was hard for each member to just select one!

Cjboboy, Puppin, MuyMuy, Barakuda, Abno and Thk909 all loved racing the EVO in H2H competition.

Cjboboy, Puppin, Abno and Thk909 also never back down from a Teg H2H race, so look out all you Teg racers!

MuyMuy and Puppin gave some love to the newly introduced Viper, saying they love to race it in both bracket and H2H styling.

Lastly, Puppin was the lone RSX racer, loving it as a bracket vehicle.

We then got a chance to catch up to the team as a whole to get some answers to popular questions on what makes PinoyProud2B so unique:

Racer Spotlight: What did you like best about the Team Represent Contest?

PinoyProud2B: We love to represent the team, race other competitive teams and meet new friends.

Racer Spotlight: What do you look forward to seeing Next on Nitto 1320 Legends?

PinoyProud2B: Cool cars, more set ups, graphics, more racers, but especially more Filipino racers that can represent the team!

Racer Spotlight: What's your favorite car on Nitto and what style of racing? H2H or Bracket?

PinoyProud2B: Evo-H2H , Viper-Bracket and H2H, RSX-Bracket, Teggy: Bracket!

Racer Spotlight: Who would you like to Thank on Nitto 1320 Legends?

PinoyProud2B: We would like to thank the MODERATORS especially SER SPECV for doing his job…SER!! You’re great!!!! And to Ichiban for being there always watching all the teams race each other and to all the racers out there who joined the team races we respect and thank you all for being a sport.

We then asked the team leader, Puppin, several questions of what it’s like to be the team leader of PinoyProud2B!

Racer Spotlight: What do you look for in a potential team member?

Puppin: Good racer, true Filipino, and plays with heart ?

Racer Spotlight: How has creating this PinoyProud2b affected your Nitto Experience?

Puppin: I found new friends and I knew a lot of Nitto-related stuff I didn’t know before ? .

Racer Spotlight: If you could change one thing in Nitto, what would it be?

Puppin: Hopefully there would be no hackers and scammers.

Racer Spotlight: Do you know any of your team members out side of Nitto?

Puppin: Yes!

Racer Spotlight: What do you like most about Nitto 1320 Legends?

Puppin: Everything and I like my team the most.

Racer Spotlight: Do you currently own a car? If not what car would you like to have?

Puppin: Anything ?.

Racer Spotlight: How did you find out about Nitto 1320 Legends?

Puppin: Through friends.

Racer Spotlight: Wheaties or Cookie Crisp?

Puppin: LOL!

Racer Spotlight: Stick or Automatic?

Puppin: Stick

Racer Spotlight: IchibanDB8 or X?

Puppin: Ichi!

Here are some additional photos from all the team racing action that went on during the week.

Please discuss this here.

09/11/07: Credit card related bans:

When a credit card purchase is reported as fraud, the account is banned and any account contents that have been purchased will be repossessed and the funds are returned to the purchasing credit card.

Since this is an automatic ban, when you attempt to log in you may see a ban until 2012 and/or that your computer has been banned.

Accounts associated with credit card fraud are not unbanned under any circumstances. Please always make sure you have permission from the cardholder and that the information you enter into our website is verifiable.

Also, do not allow other people to purchase anything for you. The credit card they are using may be fraudulent and you are risking having your account banned.

09/06/07: Computer has been banned, but you've never played the game!

With the help of all the users reporting their connection issue and stating that they are computer banned without ever logging into the game, we have narrowed down the problem.

Several computer manufacturers apparently use the same information that we use to enforce computer bans. So for the rare case that your computer shipped with the same machine information as one that is banned, you are locked out of the game.

We are currently working on a fix around this so that everyone can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed. We also want to ensure those that are scamming and hacking stay off the game forever.

Please stay tuned, I will continually update you guys with our fix - it should be very soon as this is high priority for us. Again, many thanks to all the users that helped out in this.


Hey all,

Please be aware that our merchant services has become very strict with fraudulent activity. We are aware that some of you are not purchasing points fraudulently but we have been forced to take careful measures. If you have purchased points recently and they have been deducted from your account, please email [email protected] with a clear explanation of who purchased your points, or the verification of your order as well as a phone # or contact information that we can get a hold of you from.

We will be switching our system soon, but for the time being we are having to handle any orders that are questionable manually. Please be patient and we appreciate your continued support for Nitto 1320 Legends.

09/05/07: The next Racer Spotlight: Teams Represent!

The Racer Spotlight has hired its newest journalist, SER SPECV. This week, I will be assisting SER SPECV in putting together his first feature article.

He will be hosting team contests where teams can represent with their members and race other team members. SER SPECV will be in charge of picking the winning team to receive a Racer Spotlight.

Keep an eye out for his posts in the forum and when/where he will be hosting these rooms. I will be there to watch and assist if anyone has any questions.

Good luck to all!

Please discuss here: forum post.

09/04/07: The Dodge Viper is now available!

The Dodge Viper is now available at the Vista Heights dealership. Get one today for 1,200 points - it is currently available to members only. We appreciate all the feedback members can give us on the new car as well as parts that they would like to see added for it.

Please discuss.

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