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10/04/07: The Racer Spotlight: Phusion features KingofKings as Best Bracket Racer overall!

Nitto 1320 Legends is all about racing. Some users prefer bracket style racing while others prefer to be the fastest racers in the game and choose Head to Head style as their racing preference. This week, the Racer Spotlight focused on the Best Bracket Racer overall. We were looking for the racer that could run consistent time after time. King0fKing's definitely proved he was one of the most consistent racers on Nitto 1320 Legends.

During the course of the Racer Spotlight I held multiple contests. Every contest, King0fKings was there to represent. He may not have won every single one of them, but he was always consistent race after race. His lime green RSX also grabs some attention. I almost got annoyed of taking screenshots of the same car over and over. I knew from then on that this was the racer we needed to Spotlight.


The Racer Spotlight:
How long have you played Nitto Legends?

King0fKings: I started playing Nitto in version 1.06.

The Racer Spotlight: How did you find out about Nitto Legends?

King0fKings: My cousin told me about it a long time ago.

The Racer Spotlight: What do you like most about playing Nitto Legends?

King0fKings: I like the racing and the community.

The Racer Spotlight: Why did you choose the Acura RSX as your main bracket car?

King0fKings: I chose it because it looks really nice to me. I also tried other bracket cars and they didn't work too good for me, so I decided on the Acura. I love it!

The Racer Spotlight: Do you like the new Acura RSX body kits?

King0fKings: Yeah of course I like them! Admins did good job there with the kits.

The Racer Spotlight: If you could add any vehicle, what would it be?

King0fKings: Dodge Neon SRT-4 or Supra.

The Racer Spotlight: What feature would you like to see added to Nitto Legends?
King0fKings: The feature I would like to see added is Team Races.

The Racer Spotlight: What's your favorite car on Nitto?

King0fKings: Lancer Evolution.

The Racer Spotlight: What style of racing do you prefer, H2H or Bracket?

King0fKings: I run both styles but I prefer bracket racing.

The Racer Spotlight: This seems to be the biggest debate on Nitto right now; Twinkies or Cupcakes?

King0fKings: Cupcakes!

The Racer Spotlight: Who would you like to thank on Nitto?
King0fKings: I would like to thank all my teammates for helping me and being supportive. I would also like to thank Phusion for running all these contests. I don't think I could of made it without him. Lastly, I really want to thank all of the Nitto Legends community for playing Nitto 1320.

10/01/07: Upcoming new feature: tournaments - screenshot teasers!

These are just brief teaser screenshots of the upcoming tournaments feature we will be implementing into the game. The virtual money prize will probably not be the same nor will the tournament names.
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09/29/07: The next vehicle to Nitto 1320 Legends will be the...

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09/28/07: Friday's Nitto Grab Bag of Questions

Q: Will there be a bidding option added onto the UCL?

A: We have honestly not discussed the UCL features in depth yet. Chances are for simplicity’s sake we will release it first with just buy it now prices as well as have the option to trade cars. We’ll see how tricky this may get, or how time consuming it may be. We just want the UCL out there to cut down on scamming so that we can concentrate on Team Racing. We’ll do it as complex and as simple as we can at the same time.

Q: When is team racing coming out?

A: Like it’s been posted on the forums, we are going to finish up tournaments first, then switch to focusing on adding additional content in the game as well as security measures to help protect the user against hacking and scamming. After that the Team Racing feature will be wrapped up and released. I’d like to stay away from announcing a time frame so that you guys aren’t disappointed. But tournaments should be live by the end of October.

Q: What will the next car be?

A: It’ll have fenders, a hood, front bumper, side skirts, a rear bumper, two headlights, two taillights and four wheels and brakes. :)

Q: Why do you have two banner contest entries posts on the news room page?

A: Hmm…I can’t say I know what you’re talking about! :P

Q: How many cars do you guys have on planning?

A: We never plan on capping the amount of cars in the game until we run out of cool cars to add that pertain to the game. How does that sound? Once all the features are in place, we hope to add additional cars every two weeks with plenty of parts that supplement them. Sooner or later though we’ll run out of cool cars to add that have to do with the game. Then we’ll just have to make Transformers out of them and we’ll just beat each other up like robots.

Q: Will female mods get pink text in chats…or different badges?

A: There is a possibility of this, I’ll talk about implementing pink text. That would be pretty cool. Something tells me The Pink Team will be upset though.

09/26/07: Congratulations to Phusion!

He is our newest The Racer Spotlight journalist. You will be able to notice him in light blue text. He will be doing the next Racer Spotlight article which will feature a Nitto 1320 Legends racer that proves himself to be the most consistent time and time again. Keep your eyes out on the Racer Spotlight forum for more instructions from Phusion.

Congratulations Phusion!

09/26/07: Create your OWN Nitto 1320 Legends movie footage!

Ever wondered how to capture and create your own Nitto 1320 Legends movie footage? Get ready and get set to represent online with your own movies!

First off, head on over to and download their free software. Once you have it setup and installed, open up the program. Record your movies in AVI format and on the menu select Region and go to the Region option. This will allow you to capture just your Nitto 1320 Legends screen while filming.

Once you get your movie filmed, head on over to, create an account and upload your movie and share it with everyone!

Post 'em up here!

09/24/07: Nitto 1320 Legends YouTube page!

Check out all the movies that are constantly being uploaded and added to our YouTube account!

Nitto 1320 Legends YouTube Page

Look for yourself and your car in these movies and post them around and spread the word to your friends!


Place your vote on your favorite banner in this thread today!


Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

Banner 4

Banner 5

Banner 6

Banner 7


09/20/07: The Racer Spotlight: WEB BANNER CONTEST!

In efforts to help promote Nitto 1320 Legends and getting the community to grow larger, we are going to have a Racer Spotlight on custom designed web banners by you guys!

Here are the rules:

The banner must be 728x90 in size.
Can be animated gif, flash, anything you want.
Make sure the following text is included in your banner:


Get to it!

Email all entries here.

09/18/07: The Racer Spotlight - James and his 949hp Dodge Viper!

The racers on Nitto 1320 Legends asked for it, and we delivered. The Dodge Viper was introduced and everyone went crazy for another high horsepower domestic vehicle. The potential for fast e.t.’s was there and after the introduction of the supercharger and nitrous kit to the car, the gates were open and the racers were out. The Racer Spotlight got a chance to watch thousands of these Viper racers go at it over the week and we caught up with one that exemplified what The Racer Spotlight is all about: consistency, good sportsmanship and a wicked car.

James is no stranger to Nitto 1320 Legends. He’s been on since the first day and is the 42nd account on the game. His Viper has 949hp and tears up the track in 8 seconds. It has become a setup that is popular throughout the Viper racers, but James’ Viper stands out from the crowd with its exterior modifications and his own gear ratios - all part of the endless levels of customization that the game offers. On the exterior, James has swapped out most of the body parts and mixed up his own combination. The front bumper is a piece from Stealth in their Steppe carbon fiber version, the rear is a Rival OPT piece. The side skirts have been replaced with DaBest Blaze side skirts. Lightening up the car is a Rival Auto carbon fiber hood and giving the rear the vicious stance any Viper needs is a Gerini Unire wing. James also bought the OEM dual tripe graphics and put the DaBest Nightfall graphics for the front and rear bumpers. His Viper races on none other than Nitto 1320 Drag Slicks and a staggered 20-inch/21-inch HRE 441R wheel setup from the WheelEnvizio CPR dealer.

Our newest journalist, SER SPECV, got a chance to catch up with James to ask him a few questions!

The Racer Spotlight: How long have you played Nitto Legends?

James: I have been playing Nitto Legends since day one of release. #42 Account ID and previously played v1 since 2002. So I’ve been around the block :D

The Racer Spotlight: What do you like most about playing Nitto Legends?

James: I like that you have to sit and think about the parts that go in the car. Not just buy parts and depend on gear ratios like in v1. I also like the NIM feature in this game better than the PM system in v1. Now I can bug all people I want.

The Racer Spotlight: If you could add a vehicle, what would it be and why?

James: The vehicles I wanted in the game have already been added: the Viper and JDM Integra. As far as new cars I’d say the Supra. That car is just plain sexy and its fast.

The Racer Spotlight: What feature would you like to see added to Nitto Legends?

James: The feature I’m waiting for is Team Races. I know everyone else wants this too. I hope teams are ready to face Redline Dreams!

The Racer Spotlight: JDM or USDM?

James: I <3 my JDM

The Racer Spotlight: Who would you like to thank on Nitto?

James: I would like to thank all my teammates for helping me and being supportive. Even though you people rely on my setups lol! I would also like to thank all the Nitto community for playing this game.

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