Knowing your way around
You have to know the game if you plan to become a legend. This section will help you familiarize yourself with all the important aspects of this game. Mastering them will be up to you.

Find out about the tools designed to help you navigate, socialize, and communicate. Visit this section to learn more about how to use these items and how they can help you.

Learn to use the map based navigation system of 1320 Legends. This section also outlines the growth path of moving from city to city and what that means to your tuning needs. Understanding how to get around and where to find what you need can help you build your car the right way.

The economy of this game can get confusing. This section will help answer any questions you may have about earning, spending, and winning money.

Want to know what you can do to your ride? Learn the possibilites and how to make it happen here. Your car is a reflection of you, so you better make sure you understand how to customize it.

Being competitive will depend on your tuning knowledge. Only the racers that truely understand how parts work together will make the most power. This section will help you unlock the secrets of tuning.

Leaders, owners, dealers, members, funds, street credit, racing, deposits, withdrawals, ownership percentages, ranking members, applications,... Teams can be complicated. Find out what all this means in here.

That's what it's all about right? This section will outline all there is to know about race tracks, live online racing, and how to get into the action.

   Street Credit
This could be the most important aspect of who you are in this game. How do you earn it? How do you lose it? Find out what it all means in this section.

Looking for an advantage? Learn how points can get you the parts, cars and other game assets you want when you want them.

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