Your street credit level shows how you stack up. Money and cars are one thing, but you can’t buy respect. You have to earn your recognition and your titles. The more street credit you earn, the higher your level goes, and the more you distinguish yourself from the rest.

   Stages and Levels
Every street credit level consists of four stages. Your stage will go up as you accumulate more street credit. Once you have passed four stages, your indicator color will change and you will advance to the next street credit level. The amount of street credit necessary to reach a new stage will vary depending on the level.

   Your first step
Everyone starts the game with 0 street credit. You are new and have to prove yourself. This first level is a special stage, Stage 0. Once you earn enough street credit to reach stage 1 you enter the first real street credit level and you move up from the short but embarrassing first level of the game.

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