In addition to earning street credit, you can earn badges that denote specific accomplishments or status. These icons will be another way for other racers to know what they are up against.

   Where to find badges
The are many different badges for many different accomplishments and status levels. A racer's badges will all appear in his or her avatar cluster as shown below.

   Know your badges
Some badges will denote a users status and some will denote accomplishments.

   Status badges
Everyone will have a location badge that denote where they live. The color of the dot in the center corresponds with city they live in.
This badge denotes Moderator status. A moderator is a member of the game capable of helping users and moderating their use of the game.
Administrators are the developers of the game. Admin focus on higher level game issues and also govern moderators.

   Accomplishment badges
Trophy badges denote tournament wins. Gold trophies are first place wins and silver are second place. There can be a number next to the icon to show the number of trophies if there are more than one.
Win this badge by getting a perfect reaction time in competition. Private races will not count.
Do you have the funds to get this badge? A fat account balance will win you this status symbol.

Other badges can not be revealed here on this site. They must be uncovered in the game.

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